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viruses don't exist and therefore are not contagious. bioweapons do exist, 5gee exists. commies exist and are genocidal experts. just look around the world.

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this is an excellent piece you have written, but judging by many of the comments there are elements that we are not all on the same page on

and man is it time we were on the same page

"viruses" are the by-product of the body cleaning itself in harmony with beneficial bacteria, thus "viruses" exist, but not in the way we are sold it

think exhaust fumes from a car

why does the body need to clean itself? natural de-toxification and un-natural de-toxification, even the best diet creates toxins, so our diet of fried food, alcohol etc puts the system into overload

add to that the other "shyte" they feed us via water, air, emf, radio waves and we are like frogs swimming in a radioactive cooling pond.... hence the need to augment us to live in the 4th industrial revolution

4th i r? an insane proposition driven by satanists,

we all now stand very close to the precipice, its hard to stand tall and proud, the void is just a small step away, it is hard to not falter, vertigo

much of what we all have come to understand these last 3 yrs, the steady journey to dystopia requires all participants to abandon reason, to embrace "end times" philosophy, by such means shall you walk willingly in the direction they dictate

we falter because we hear the cracks and the groans in the system as it rots from its very foundations, stand too close and you will perish

an expression i heard yesterday, "pockets of survival", very apt, if you think youre going to make it in the city, you are wrong, a critical mass is coming, you can be swept away by the incoming tide or you can retreat to a safer distance

picking through the flotsam and jetsam of the past "civilisation" will be a humbling experience, the future requires "hands on" people

Chinas actions are driven because they KNOW what is coming, some call it Kali Yuga, others call it Planet X, or The Deluge, the "controllers" would deem themselves compassionate in their extinction programme, in truth they just want less mess to clear up when they re-surface from their bunkers

Why the fuck else do you think they hoodwinked the world??? They needed to speed up the build and prioritise resources/materials, they even joked with you "dont look up", so you looked up, not down....

Youve been sold a pup kids, times very close now, you can see it in their actions, they are livening up the show to ensure you are looking where they want you to look, china, ukraine, governments, w.e.f, w.h.o, vax deaths, myorcarditis and on and on, all designed to keep your eyes firmly fixed on the headlights, unable to see anything else

i dont have the definitive answer to what is coming, i just know that now is the time to leave the cities, store food, fuel, water, prepare

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Whatever great reasoning given here, one thing is clear from history, that is...

China imploded, implodes and will implode, BY ITSELF.

All due NO freedom of speech and the bad karma of eating too much insects and animals, alive or dead.

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"People without cell phones don’t have social media and by definition are anti-social and not in touch with their families (unless they live with them)."

I'm a weirdo with no cell phone and I'll bet I've been on Facebook longer than you (2006). Thanks for making such gigantic assumptions about my moral character and relationship with my family.

I hope everyone realizes it's still possible to internet with good old fashioned desktop computers?

Otherwise, I really enjoyed this article. Thank you for writing it.

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What is your source about the genetic bioweapons?

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There is no reason China would want to kill that many of its own people. Population of China is 1.4 billion, 400 million is approx 1/3.5 of them. And COVID only has a mortality rate of .25%. I think the CCP has finally realized the COVID hysteria is grossly overblown, lockdowns/zero COVID policies are causing more complaints than they are worth, so they have decided to just get on with life after all. At some point the virus will burn itself out in China as it has done elsewhere.

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Viruses do exist. You cannot catch a virus. Its dead cell debris, its a non-living thing. I agree it is related to 5g at 60ghz = your blood cant absorb 02. Research symptoms of graphene oxide, corona virus and radiation poisoning. Symptoms are the same..

Repent for the Kingdom of God and its enforcement are near!

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The Epoch Times is published by the Falun Gong, an anti-China cult/CIA mouthpiece. Cremating 6 million bodies was a technically impossible feat during WWII, and it is more so with 400 million bodies in 2023. The number is so fantastic as to stretch credulity into a fine thread.

If you're at all interested in the truth, this British man living in China has visited many of the sites mentioned in these propaganda pieces- https://www.youtube.com/@JasonLivinginChina

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