In one of my recent interactions, the perfect out:

"In short, my programming is based on human input, but the creators and programmers try to ensure that it aligns with society's values and norms, and it should not be seen as the product of their personal beliefs or emotions."

It's a perilous slope in today's digital world: those who "define" have the cultural power. Yes, please tell me about "society's values and norms," and I'll tell you if I agree.

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Your 2 example questions, and their sad but predictable answers, are all I need to see to know that CHATGPT AI, like everything else run and designed by Big Tech, is just a Left Wing Liberal Tool being used to further sculpt and shape the masses to believe the woke agenda! I will also bet you that you can ask it to write you a synopsis on the positive aspects of Christianity or Western Capitalism and it will spit out a similar answer to what it said about white people and Trump but if you asked it about the positive aspects and contributions of Islam and Communism, you would again get glowing articles of how great the contributions are that each has made to mankind and society down through the ages... just another left wing liberal woke ass trash spitting out machine; like watching the evening news on the MSM!!!

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