I love it!!! I can see that if they don’t get this left wing liberal bias out of CHATgpt soon it is definitely not going to be taken seriously nor readily used by a large portion of Americans or other conservatives around the world anytime soon!!! I also recognize this is a Substack about the left wing liberal bias of CHATgpt but I gotta speak my peace about the hypocrisy of the word involved!

I am in ABSOLUTELY NO WAY A BELIEVER in censorship in any way, shape form or fashion! Any time we censor words, content, thought, publication we are traveling down a slippery slope that always leads to oppression by whatever group becomes the Censors of the content!!! I am also in no way STANDING UP FOR people using a derogatory and degrading word to describe people!

I truly get fed up with the Liberal Left Hypocrisy concerning the use of the word involved! They jump up and down, spin around, pull their hair and cry and bellow when any non-black person says it and say it is oppressive, mean spirited, hateful, damaging, tears at their very soul, repressive, offensive, etc. ad naseum... and then turn on their favorite rap or R&B song and you hear it every other word! And then all you need to do is listen to any conversation between any younger black people and it is “n-word” this and “n-word” that! “Yo n-word!” “You my n-word!” “Hey my n-word!” Like they can’t say it enough!!!

If it was so offensive, degrading, vile and putrid in their minds then wouldn’t it be offensive, degrading, vile and putrid no matter who said it and how it was used???

Then they give you the Ol’ but it is the ‘context in which it is used that offends us’ argument! They will tell you that when a white person or non-black uses it it offends and degrades black people but when black people use it among themselves they use it as a term of endearment toward one another! WHAT????????!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is a term that is SO OFFENSIVE PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT IT TAKEN OUT OF DICTIONARIES and banned from use in public on the one hand but we want to be able to use it as a term of endearment when we use it!!! I call BULLSHIT ON ALL OF THAT!!!

How about we ALL RECOGNIZE it is not a useful or necessary term and was/is used to hurt others and leave it out of our conversations and move on to using intelligent language and learn to love each other and build each other up instead of tear each other down!!!

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Nigger, Nigga: A creolized derivative of the Spanish "negro", in English "black". Commonly used among Afro-American tribe members to describe themselves. Forbidden for use by outsiders.

Someone should ask ChatGPT to analyze these 460,000 samples, describing their deep cultural significance to humanity, lifestyles of the artists, backgrounds of their promoters, etc. Would make a great master's thesis: lyrics.com/lyrics/nigga

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