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I was looking for this yesterday. I just now found it. People will debate the validity of this. However, if you watch Chris's video, https://thecommonsenseshow.com/activism-agenda-21-conspiracy/most-complete-analysis-available-genocidal-threat-posed-great-reset-and-klaus-schwab-chris-kitze?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email, from the minute 46:50 to at least 52:11 and watch the video below, you tell me how this doesn't concern any rational thinking human that we are being set up for whatever/however/whenever/whomever, they what to do to you, your sister, your brother, your mother, your father, your kids, every damn HUMAN soul on earth!

There will be very few places to hide with the system they/we ARE BUILDING worldwide (think starlink+the inject-able things) so that takes the flight out of the equation of "fight or flight" human fear response. The "Others" don't fight with violence; it is all a mind war game they play, thus, the replacement of bullets with injections was a brilliant move by the "Others". Our ammunition is knowledge, exposure, a bit of reverse psychology, identifying them, bring out the big, bad, dirty and ugly stuff, justice, removal of titles, power and clawback everything stolen via fraud which means most of all that was already stolen. We win with that formula!!

There is a reckoning happening on a scale never imagined! How are you going to play it? Which side do you chose or are we just going to do things just for $$$? Remember we all are building it for them one tech gadget after another, the Year of the Tiger passes to the Year of the Rabbit, who gets hunted and is bred for slaughter? The rabbit!!

Russian Hacker Proves Vaxxed People Are Uploading Bio-Data to AI Computers 24/7 (May 24 2021)


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Well done Chris! You are over the target. As hard as it is to acknowledge, process and believe the truth, the truth doesn't need you to believe it; it is what it is-now we have to deal with the reality of the situation!

Many moons ago, Phil Schneider opened my eyes to the soul stealing, cloning and container research operations under the base in Dulce, NM. He lost his life because of it! That base is where a lot of trans-humanism research is/or has been done down there. Also, don't forget below "The Getty Museum"! Plus, given the stories coming out of the Ukraine research labs including a tiny T-Rex??, anything and everything is possible.



Name stealers first; soul destroyers = their last act! I am so thankful that my grandmother prayed over my soul to keep. Now I know why!! It is what they want and if they can't have it they want to steal it or destroy it!

They spoke about using the vaxxx to steal or break the soul bond with our Creator. Well, hear this from a monk who took it. Father Savvas Agioritis: What is to come for those who are vaccinated https://www.bitchute.com/video/aaWjNrBIFN7T/ Maybe this is why you see some people waving wildly before a SADS event. Every single vaxxx/injection should be assumed to contain their stuff and avoided or strong verification of what it is exactly. It is not that hard to slip "things" into anything they currently manufacture. They control the whole process.

The Cow Tag: Maybe not all people have mac addresses after the jab but even if one person does that should freak you out. The vaxxx and mac addresses BLUETOOTH FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE 2

https://rumble.com/embed/v10xktg/?pub=8kau7. I have seen many similar videos of the living putting off these addresses and don't forget the magnet vids.

The Screening Method to ID those who.... Pfizer Whistleblower: C19 Vaccine GLOWS, Possibly To Identify Those Vaxxed, Bizarre Videos Surface https://www.bitchute.com/video/fvoDXiyDgid5/ Again, there are other vids out there showing the same thing. If you see these types of lights around anywhere in your surroundings, realize that you are in enemy territory and at a minimum increase your situational awareness.

Through years of researching strange things including Deagel Projections (wink, wink), some statements by US Army sanctioned remote viewers struck me pretty hard and I have never forgotten them: 1) By the 2030s there would be NO major cities 2) By 2040s there may not be a true human remaining on earth. They could be wrong but given their vaxxx agenda/operation and the above EVIDENCE both of those statements are in play.

I have known these things for a long time and have been processing it daily. That said, it is still stunning to be living it and it is incomprehensible how easy it has been for them to get it ALL which is rather tough to take at times!!! They won without firing a shot oops my bad they got smart and had the shots injected instead.

The Good News is that through this same research my believe in Jesus has been magnified. The Aliens (some say up to at least 166 known species, military whispers) including the demons know Jesus and those whom intend harm upon us fear him:) So, I will trust in Him and I will trust those of us whose intentions are on the right side of this "Battle for the Soul of the Planet".

Who said it was going to be easy? It will be easier together but hell going it alone. What will be the bridge from here to there? That is the question. Would you take the bridge or even see it? There is a clue somewhere.

Welcome to the Jungle:)

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